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Open-quotes-icon.pngBuddyfit has proven to be a useful application assisting my clients with specific visual and factual information when referencing either by muscle group or exercise name. Close-quotes-icon.png

Phil Michel, personal Trainer.
Open-quotes-icon.pngI was impressed at how user-friendly Buddyfit is. I use it regularly to aid new membership sign ups during show arounds. Close-quotes-icon.png 
Jo Pond, General Manager.
Open-quotes-icon.pngBuddyfit touch screen is a great system in the gym because most people need a point of reference on what exercises they would like to do in the gym, they could get it from there phones but most people put there phones away in the lockers which leaves a lost gym goer, it is cutting edge with an easy to use interface which makes it attractive to members of the club and adds value and service to each member. I recommend it. Close-quotes-icon.png
Stuart Aimer, Personal Trainer.
Open-quotes-icon.pngBuddyfit is a great asset to the club. I have had great feedback from members who have used it. Close-quotes-icon.png
Claire Wheatley, Deputy Manager.
Open-quotes-icon.pngA practical and useful tool to help refresh and show guidance to beginners and in my opinion to be used in conjunction with a trainer. Close-quotes-icon.png
Boris Pineless, Personal Trainer.
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