Making gym equipment work for you

Your key piece of the gym equipment jigsaw


Whether setting up or re-modelling your gym or fitness suite, your shopping list will no doubt consist of several items of conventional gym equipment.

But there is one key piece of gym equipment that you may have overlooked - the key piece of the "gym equiment jigsaw" that makes all the others fit together..

The BUDDYFIT™ floor standing kiosk and wall-mount units feature an interactive touch screen which offer an on the spot exercise and equipment reference point for gym members and trainers alike

If you would like a demonstration of BUDDYFIT or want to know more about this interactive gym equipment, please call 0800 756 9919 or complete the enquiry form.




Some of the benefits of BUDDYFIT™ -

  • Expert advice always on hand
  • Video demonstations on apropriate exercises and the correct use of gym equipment
  • Reduce the risk of misuse of gym equipment.
  • Reduce the cost of gym equipment professional liability.
  • An 'intelligent' extension to existing conventional gym equipment.
  • Support for staff during busy periods
  • Gym impovement: Enhance the quality of the training experience and increase member retention.
  • Add-on functionality and bespoke service - incorporate your own gym equipment

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Gym equipment- touch screen

Gym equipment- interactive

The BUDDYFIT™ touch screen - showing anatomical figure. Select muscle group, exercise type and equipment for recommended exercises... Gym equipment - touchscreen (rectus abdominus) The interactive exercise videos show you how to do it - with emphasis is on "teaching points" and step by step breakdown of each movement. Gym equipment - interactive (back extension)
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